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Antivirus.  Is it up to date or has it expired?  I receive calls from customers after the antivirus has expired. The anti-virus sometimes needs to be renewed.  Some internet service providers (like Comcast, CenturyLink) often provide full anti-virus protection with your internet subscription.  There are free versions for anti-virus also.  I’m a reseller of Panda Security Products and EndPoint Protection and would be happy to help you with adding protection to your personal PC.

Back-It-Up – if you are storing family photos and important documents or data on your PC a back-up solution will help protect your cherished items safely and securely. There are lots of ways to do this.  Contact me if you would like help.  If your computer hard drive fails, it may be the only way to recover your content. I have recommended Carbonite for 10 years. Get a free trial here  and secure your backup now.

Compressed Air – use to blow out the vents and keyboard.  Do a google search to find out how to do this on your make and model.  Buy a can or two of compressed air at Staples or Office Depot, or on Amazon…The process is different for laptops and CPU’s.  On a laptop use short blasts and make sure the vents aren’t blocked (sometimes on the bottom of your laptop). For a CPU you may need to remove the outside case.  Oh, the things you will find 😊 I’ve seen some laptops that were so dusty there were dust bunnies keeping the fan from spinning, and it was not cooling the laptop.
Here are pictures inside a dusty desktop PC (which had been on the floor, running for more than 2 years)